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United States of TV
Jul 4, 2013 2:39AM
Once again, MSN finds ways to generate clicks. 

Does the company offer a "Best Clicker Getter Award." 
How about "Click Generation Scheme of the Year"? 

Seriously, I know I come here for a little distraction but 50-something clicks PLUS Bing searches? 
You can click my middle finger! 
Jul 4, 2013 5:12AM
How totally embarrassing it is to see a mainstream website publish a picture of most of the United States!  Michigan is incomplete!  I suppose the state of Florida or those on Long Island if left off the map, would be outraged!  Imagine my surprise at the inability of editors to accurately display something as simple as the US map!  
Ha! Hardly. We've got greaseball trash like the Jersey Shore and Soprano's coming to others' minds when they think of New Jersey. NJ is no different than many other states, having quite a diverse number of ethnicities, religions, age groups, etc. Plenty of beautiful, wide-open land as well, which you won't see on TV.
Jul 4, 2013 6:12AM
mmm well if you go by the title of the slide show its 50 shows for 50 states and NOT ONE OF THOSE WAS FROM COLORADO.  DUDES seriously between your fact checking on news headlines to entertainment you cant get anything correct.  You SUCK.  I used to defend you all but I am finding out for myself how stinking inaccurate your crap is.    half of these shows (except Longmire out of Wyoming)  aren't even worth watching.
Jul 4, 2013 7:12AM
Wow! Didn't anybody notice that you left half of Michigan OFF your map? Somebody flunked geography.
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United States of TV

A tour of shows set all across America

By Robert Isenberg

TV is made in Southern California, and sometimes New York. So guess what? Most TV shows take place in California or in New York.

But not all TV. As it turns out, every state in the Union has at least one show to represent it. Whether that show is a sitcom or a reality series, TV helps us understand just how big and diverse our nation is.

Bing: TV shows that take place in California | TV shows that take place in New York | Related: United States of music

This Independence Day, we decided to celebrate our massive, colorful country by celebrating the various series that illustrate our 50 states. Some places get more airtime than others. Some get a better rep. But wherever you go, a studio has been there first. Happy Birthday, America!

What show do you think should represent your state? Tell us on MSN TV Facebook and on Twitter.