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  • 9:00 PM, CW

    In the series' first-season finale, "We Are Grounders -- Part II," it's largely up to Bellamy (Bob Morley) to ensure total devastation doesn't occur. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) begs him to do whatever it takes toward that end, prompting him to make a forceful appeal to Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Other factions also are at work, with Jasper and Raven (Devon Bostick, guest star Lindsey Morgan) going their own way, and Finn (Thomas McDonell) doing the same.

  • 9:00 PM, FOX

    Red is the color of the wristbands worn by young patients in the pediatric ward of a Los Angeles hospital in this new drama series from executive producers including Steven Spielberg. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer ("The Help") portrays a nurse who shows the youths -- including a comatose one played by Griffin Gluck ("Back in the Game") -- great compassion as they also get support from one another. Dave Annable ("Brothers & Sisters") also stars.

  • 9:00 PM, CBS

    A member of the BAU team departs by the end of "Demons," the conclusion of a two-part story. Rossi (Joe Mantegna), Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) and the other agents continue a murder probe in Texas, with evidence of related corruption eventually surfacing. Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) goes above and beyond in her attempt to save a colleague. Esai Morales returns as BAU Section Chief Cruz. Guest stars also include Michael Trucco ("Killer Women") and Brett Cullen.

  • 8:00 PM, FOX

    Recipes can be found in unusual places -- but how about on someone's back? The contestants get their marching, or cooking, orders that way in this new episode. The guidelines are shown on their jackets, and those who win the challenge will enjoy a day at Venice Beach (Calif.). And as for those who don't? They'll spend their day grinding coffee beans ... lots and lots of them. Wendy Williams guest stars as one of those served dinner by the rivals.

  • 10:00 PM, FXEAST

    In a new episode called "Boulder," Marco (Demian Bichir) finds himself at a crossroads in his relationship with Fausto (Ramon Franco), while Sonya (Diane Kruger) squares off with Eleanor (Franka Potente). Elsewhere, Eva and Linder (Stephanie Sigman, Thomas M. Wright) discuss their future, while Frye and Adriana (Matthew Lillard, Emily Rios) uncover a rift between agencies.

  • 8:00 PM, PBS

    Illness leaves the political future -- and life -- of FDR (voice of Edward Herrmann) in jeopardy as the new Ken Burns miniseries continues with Part 4, "The Storm (1920-1933)." Polio takes its toll on him, and while wife Eleanor (voice of Meryl Streep) supports him in multiple ways, she also begins to forge her own destiny. After serving as New York's governor, Franklin makes a run at the presidency ... and becomes an assassination target.

  • 8:00 PM, CW

    Who knew certain clothing could be magical? Chances are good that this show's title team did, but the new episode "The Magic of Polyester" makes it apparent to all who watch ... and suggests that cotton had better catch up. Two teams -- Brynolf & Ljung, and Keelan Leyser & Charlotte Marie -- are among the illusionists vying for slots in a Penn & Teller show in Las Vegas. Colin McLeod and Etienne Pradier also perform. Jonathan Ross is the host.

  • 8:30 PM, ABC

    Murray (Jeff Garlin) is invited to attend a banquet celebrating the breaking of his high-school free-throw record, but the event doesn't turn out the way he expected. Barry (Troy Gentile) throws a party that also doesn't go as planned, since the attention isn't on him, in "Livin' on a Prayer." AJ Michalka guest stars. Wendi McLendon-Covey, Sean Giambrone and George Segal also star.

  • 9:00 PM, BRAVO

    In the new episode "Flagg v. Serhant," Josh Flagg manages to beat New York real estate agent Ryan Serhant when Ryan's client makes an offer on Josh's "flip property." Elsewhere, Josh Altman must contend with his lifelong rivalry with Matt as he double-ends a deal with his brother. David and James are stunned by their client's response when they bring her multiple bids on her Venice property.

  • 9:00 PM, TRAVEL

    The new episode "The Bluegrass Grillers" finds four expert grillers in Louisville, Ky., who are eager to battle it out for bragging rights as their town's reigning grill master, not to mention a cool $10,000 in prize money. Their challenge requires them to use such local ingredients as Kentucky smoked cheese, Bluegrass soy sauce and juicy cuts of bison.

  • 9:00 PM, ABC

    Mitch and Cam (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet) are ready to tie the knot, but a series of crises puts their wedding planner, Pepper (Nathan Lane), to the test. Jay and Gloria (Ed O'Neill, Sofia Vergara) host Cam's family. Phil (Ty Burrell) goes in for an eye procedure before the big day. Claire (Julie Bowen) relishes her role as "best woman" in "The Wedding, Part 1." The second half of the episode follows immediately.

  • 9:00 PM, TNT

    After a shootout with the smuggling crew, Martin (Sean Bean) takes Kyle Dobson into custody, but when Dobson is wounded, Martin has to get him medical attention at a Houston hospital. That task is complicated by Dobson's mysterious employers, who send a team of professional hitmen to retrieve him in the new episode "Gauntlet."

  • 10:00 PM, BRAVO

    "Top Chef" fans hate it when favorite chefs are sent home before their time, and tonight's new episode features two of them: Jen Carroll and Nyesha Arrington. The mini-duels find both chefs exploiting the known weaknesses of their rival, as Jen tests Nyesha on opening and preparing sea urchin, while Nyesha challenges Jen to master bacon and eggs, which previously brought her to grief. The main duel finds both chefs preparing a meal for the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" cast.

  • 10:00 PM, FOOD

    The new episode "Military Impossible" finds chef Robert Irvine in Fort Bragg, N.C., the largest U.S. Army installation in the world, where he is on a mission to breathe new life into one of the only full-service restaurants on the post, the Green Beret Club. It's an eatery that puts a premium on tradition, yet is also is badly in need of a facelift both in its appearance and menu.

  • 10:00 PM, LIFE

    The new episode "Emily, Zero Sense of Self" finds the Sisterhood trying to help a young mother who never has had the chance to figure out who she really is. Tanisha, Tracy, Tiffiny and Nikki provide advice on how to find her voice, dress her age and enter the workforce.

  • 10:00 PM, TNT

    Jane Seymour reprises her recurring guest role as Peter's (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) mother in the new episode "Dance the Night Away," which finds her bringing the boys a case involving an injured stripper. In order to help their client and her fellow exotic dancers, Peter and Jared (Breckin Meyer) help unionize the girls. Meanwhile, Damien Karp (Reed Diamond) rejoins the firm. Kevin McKidd and James Remar guest star.

  • 10:00 PM, CBS

    Halle Berry started this show in a spacesuit, and she's destined to finish its maiden run in one, too. The season finale, "Ascension," puts her character Molly back in orbit -- literally -- to try to keep lethal spores from reaching Earth. Back on terra firma, John (Goran Visnjic) tries to protect Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) upon learning what Odin (guest star Charlie Bewley) has in mind for the youngster. Series creator Mickey Fisher wrote the story.

  • 10:00 PM, ABC

    With Will Lexington's (Chris Carmack) album climbing the charts, Rayna (Connie Britton) goes to work with Teddy (Eric Close) on planning a free concert at LP Field to publicize her Highway 65 debut. Gunnar, Zoey and Avery (Sam Palladio, Chaley Rose, Jonathan Jackson) rock out at a charity benefit. Avery's attempt to serenade Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) with a song he wrote doesn't go as planned in "On the Other Hand."

  • 10:01 PM, NBC

    After her runs in "Will & Grace" and "Smash," Emmy winner Debra Messing returns to NBC in a role that she says meets her wish for a character both humorous and serious. The premiere introduces her as Laura, a New York homicide detective with young twin sons and a soon-to-be ex-husband (Josh Lucas, "The Firm") -- who happens to be named her new boss, a development that understandably doesn't please her much. Laz Alonso co-stars as Laura's partner.

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