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Xena: Warrior Princess
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Premiere date:September 04, 1995
Finale Date:June 18, 2001
Description:Created by John Schulian and Robert Tapert, the New Zealand-filmed Xena: Warrior Princess was a spin-off of the tongue-in-cheek "sword and sorcery" series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. As introduced on Hercules, Xena (Lucy Lawless) was a fierce and formidable villainess, the leader of a vast army bent on destruction and devastation. There was some justification for this: As a child, Xena had witnessed the destruction of her home village and the brutal murder of her brother at the hands of a ... Read more
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Xena and Gabrielle face a great threat when they go up against the evil Yodoshi and an army of elite Samurai warriors.