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Welcome to the Family
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Premiere date:October 03, 2013
Finale Date:October 17, 2013
Starring:Ricardo Chavira, Ella Rae Peck ... More
Description:Dan and Caroline Yoder are thrilled that their teenage daughter, Molly, is college-bound, but their plans to turn her bedroom into a home gym are on hold when Molly reveals she is pregnant. She and the baby's father decide to marry, forcing the Yoders to blend with the Hernandezes, an East L.A. family whose patriarch has a less-than-ideal history with Dan. As the two families try to get along and blend traditions, they must figure out what the unexpected event means for their children's future.
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Dan buys an RV in the hope of having more family time; Miguel and Lisette discover Demetrio's teacher is Miguel's ex; Molly looks to her mother for... Full summary