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Warehouse 13
Air time:on SYFY
Premiere date:July 07, 2009
Description:Following an abrupt transfer, Secret Service agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering find themselves in the middle of South Dakota at a massive, top-secret storage warehouse that holds every strange artifact, mysterious relic, out-of-this-world object and supernatural souvenir ever found by the U.S. government. Lattimer and Bering's new task, as directed by the warehouse's caretaker, longtime agent Artie Nielsen, is to investigate reports of unexplainable and paranormal activity in an effort to secure more peculiar and dangerous objects, and to help Artie manage the warehouse itself.
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"A Faire to Remember"
Pete and Steve search for an artifact that makes a horseless chariot and a life-size chess piece come to life; Claudia combines artifacts in a desperate attempt to revive her sister.
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Pete and Myka investigate a series of victims drowning and run into a pair of fellow Secret Service agents with a secret.
Warehouse 13 and Toyota take you behind the shelves to show what it takes to go from script to screen!
Location, Location, Location. Warehouse 13 and Toyota take you behind the shelves!