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Veronica Mars
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Premiere date:September 22, 2004
Finale Date:May 22, 2007
Description:The weekly, hour-long series Veronica Mars starred Kristen Bell as the 17-year-old title character, formerly the most popular girl in her high school in the affluent community of Neptune. Ever since her sheriff father, Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), was fired and publicly disgraced for daring to suggest that Jake Kane (Kyle Secor), the town's wealthiest man, may have been responsible for the murder of his own daughter, Lilly (Amanda Seyfried), Veronica had been a social pariah, shunned by all of ... Read more
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''Veronica Mars''

TV Characters We Could Live With and Those We'd Avoid

Moreover, the heir to Buffy is Veronica Mars, who kicks ass and generally solves more quotidian problems. I'm sure she, unlike the Seattle police department, would have figured out who broke into my car and swiped the booster seat and diaper bag. Read more...

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