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The Sopranos
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Premiere date:January 10, 1999
Finale Date:June 10, 2007
Description:If it is truly possible to make a bunch of criminals, thieves, and cold-blooded murderers amusing and appealing, then the much-praised HBO serio-comedy The Sopranos did the trick. The title refers not to a gaggle of singers, but to a powerful New Jersey mob family who goes about it's business behind a disarming veneer of suburban respectability. Most of the stories concentrate on middle-aged mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), whose illicit and homicidal activities are treated as par for ... Read more
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Review of seasons one through four.
''The OC''

'The Sopranos' Top 10 Moments

With the arrival of the final eight episodes of "The Sopranos" imminent, it's time to settle down with a huge bowl of Artie Bucco's meat sauce and pasta, a nice bottle of wine and a smoking automatic to reflect back on five and a half previous seasons of one of the greatest series...
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