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The Price Is Right
Air time:on CBS
Premiere date:September 04, 1972
Starring:Drew Carey, Bob Barker ... More
Description:"Come on down!" "The Price Is Right" -- hosted by Bob Barker until 2007 and Drew Carey thereafter -- features a wide variety of games and contests with the same basic challenge: Guess the prices of everyday (or not-quite-everyday) retail items. Four contestants, all of whom are seated in one of the wildest audiences in daytime game-show history, are called to the stage to play a preliminary pricing round. That winner joins the host on stage for one of more than 70 different pricing games. After three such games, the contestants spin a big wheel -- hoping to get as close to $1 as possible -- in the "Showcase Showdown." The two highest winners of that round advance to the final, where prizes could be cars or roomsful of furniture. A trio of models presents the prizes.
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Andrei is on the road to becoming a business man. Lets hope that the "Do The Math" gives him an edge.
Kevin, a Major in the Air Force, might be the luckiest guy in the world if he can win $100,000 playing...
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