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The Lying Game
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Air time:on ABCF
Premiere date:August 15, 2011
Description:Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer are, unbeknownst to them, identical twins. Separated at birth and unaware of each other's existence, the girls have led very different lives. Emma is a kind-hearted foster kid while Sutton was adopted by wealthy parents and lives what is seemingly every teenager's dream life. When Emma learns about her long-lost twin, the teens are eager to meet each other but ultimately agree to continue living their separate lives. That is, until Emma has an unfortunate encounter ... Read more
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The mood at the charity gala turns somber; Dan's ultimatum to Ethan has heartbreaking results; Emma confronts Rebecca about her lost childhood; Ted... Full summary
Will Sutton Mercer come on top in her game of lies?
Whose the biggest liar of all?