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The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man
Air time:on HISTORY
Premiere date:August 06, 2013
Starring:Shelby Stanga
Description:"Ax Men" viewers are familiar with Shelby "Swamp Man" Stanga, who has been part of that show's cast for several seasons. Now they'll get to learn about the legend of Stanga, a larger-than-life character in southern Louisiana. While most people think of a swamp as a dangerous place full of critters and mud, Stanga calls the swamp home. But when his houseboat is wrecked in Hurricane Isaac, all that he has left is his faithful canine companion, Willie. This series follows Stanga as he heads out for the larger world in search of a new houseboat and works odd jobs to earn money to buy a home. Heading into the city forces him to ride in a car -- which he has seldom done -- and use an escalator for the first time.
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Shelby invites all of his friends and family over for a big housewarming party to thank everyone who's helped him out.
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Shelby Stanga
Sarah Whalen
Philip D. Segal
Matt Ginsburg