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The Legend of Mick Dodge
Air time:on NGC
Premiere date:December 25, 2013
Starring:Mick Dodge
Description:Mick Dodge is one with the woods, having left modern conveniences behind 25 years ago to live among the trees, caves and animals in Washington state's Hoh Rain Forest. It's not an easy life by any means -- he sleeps in tree stumps and has no easy access to food -- but each day presents a different adventure, and as the always-barefoot Dodge says, "All I have to do is follow my feet." He's walking in the footsteps of four generations of Dodge men who have called the Olympic Peninsula their home, and because the intensely private former Marine allowed National Geographic access to his world, this time viewers are welcomed to witness the primal life of "The Forrest Gump of Middle Earth."
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"Call to Arms"
Mick Dodge hears word from an old friend in the Hoh Rainforest that hunters are illegally trespassing. Mick pledges his help and calls upon his friend, Moss Hopper, to join the fight.
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As winter moves in, Mick Dodge is on a mission to track down and harvest his main source of food.
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Mick Dodge
Dave Severson
Michael Kovnat
Liza Keckler
Brian Skope