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The Facts of Life
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Premiere date:August 24, 1979
Finale Date:May 07, 1988
Description:"You take the good, you take the bad ... ." Originally set at the prestigious Eastland School for Young Women, housemother Mrs. Garrett is the caretaker and confidante of a special group of girls. Over time, this group shrinks to be centered on only four young women: wealthy and spoiled Blair, gossipy Tootie, eager-to-please Natalie and tough girl Jo. Over the years, the girls graduate from school, and the story lines evolve with them.
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Blair becomes headmistress of Eastland School.
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Edna Garrett [1979-1986]
Blair Warner
Natalie Green
Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
Joanne "Jo" Polniaczek [1980-1988]
Beverly Ann Stickle [1986-1988]