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The Big Bang Theory
Air time:on CBS
Premiere date:September 24, 2007
Description:From the same production team that conceived "Two and a Half Men" comes "Four Fully Formed Nerds." Actually, the series is called "The Big Bang Theory" and it exploded onto CBS with a big bang! A ratings blockbuster, the sitcom chronicles the professional, personal and romantic misadventures of a quartet of scientists who are co-workers at Caltech and fast friends. Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is a persnickety, self-aggrandizing brainiac who rooms with the equally smart, but reserved Leonard (Johnny Galecki). Their other best buds are loquacious Lothario-wannabe Howard (Simon Helberg) and girl-shy, lovelorn Rajeesh (Kunai Nayyar). As hyper-intelligent as they are, they initially just can't seem to make the grade, either socially or romantically. Across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard, dishy, aspiring-actress Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moved in and captivated Leonard, who used what few moves he had to woo and win the pretty Penny. And through several seasons, they experienced ... Read more
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"The Anything Can Happen..."
Sheldon gives spontaneity a try, which causes unexpected friction for Penny, Bernadette and Amy; Raj asks Howard for help with preparation for a date with Emily.
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Sheldon has a personal crisis when he decides string theory is a waste of his time; a double date ends in embarrassment for Howard.
Penny gives Sheldon a new look and Amy thinks he looks like sex on a stick.
Howard is known as the "Clogzilla," and he's very embarrassed.