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The Amazing Race
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Premiere date:September 05, 2001
Finale Date:May 06, 2012
Starring:Phil Keoghan
Description:Redefining the old "scavenger hunt" format as a flashy, fantabulous TV reality series, The Amazing Race combined the exotic backdrops and cutthroat competition common to such similar programs as Survivor with the larger than life, movie-blockbuster techniques popularized by the series' executive producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. During each of the series' 13-episode "seasons," 11 or 12 teams, each team comprised of two people involved in a close relationship -- husband and wife, father and son, twin ... Read more
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Six teams encounter a double U-turn; one team considers a major decision.
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The racers square off with Roman gladiators in a medieval detour; three teams make a deal in hope of avoiding elimination.
The all stars are off to the races, teams declare war, and the tension could break one team apart! The...
Engaged couple Jessica & John are still puzzled by their clue as they head to the Spanish Steps.
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