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Teen Wolf
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Air time:on MTV
Premiere date:June 05, 2011
Description:The high-school anonymity Scott McCall was trying to break free from couldn't have happened in a more mysterious, complicated way. While walking in the woods one night Scott encounters a creature, is bitten in the side, and his life is forever changed. Is he a human or a werewolf? Or a little bit of both? Controlling the strange urges he now feels is the toughest part, and he's afraid the urges could end up controlling him. Will the bite be a gift or a curse, especially as it relates to the ... Read more
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"A Promise to the Dead"
Scott, along with the rest of the pack, undertakes a treacherous battle against an old enemy.
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Scott and Kira must protect Satomi's pack from assassins; Stiles and Malia learn the origins of The Dead Pool.
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Scott McCall
Allison Argent
Stiles Stilinski
Derek Hale
Lydia Martin