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Star Trek: Voyager
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Premiere date:January 16, 1995
Finale Date:May 23, 2001
Description:The fourth entry in the evergreen Star Trek franchise, the UPN network's Star Trek: Voyager was set during the same timeframe (though definitely not the in same location!) as the syndicated Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Caught in a sudden plasma storm while hunting down a ship full of Maquis terrorists, Starfleet Command's Voyager was thrust some 75,000 light years away from its home base. Now trapped in the Gamma Quadrant with their Maquis quarry, the Voyager crew, headed by Captain Kathryn ... Read more
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A time traveler forces Capt. Janeway into a deadly showdown with her nemesis, the Borg Queen; a romance ignites during Voyager's peril.