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Sell This House: Extreme
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Air time:on AETV
Premiere date:October 29, 2011
Starring:Charlie Frattini, Tanya Memme ... More
Description:The long-running A&E series "Sell This House!" gets an extreme makeover. While familiar face Tanya Memme (longtime "Sell This House!" host Roger Hazard left this series after season one) continues to help spruce up homes that have been on the market too long, she gets a big hand from new partners Charlie Frattini, a construction veteran with a no-nonsense approach to his work, and edgy designer Daniel Kucan, whose work has been showcased on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Frattini tears down ... Read more
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A ranch-style home in a Seattle neighborhood is a mishmash of uncompleted projects and too much work for a pair of empty nesters to maintain.
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Dave Severson
Jessica Morgan
Lee Christofferson