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Air time:on ABC
Premiere date:March 09, 2014
Description:Jacob, an 8-year-old American, wakes up in a rural Chinese province, with no idea how he got there. When Jacob recalls that he is from Arcadia, Mo., an immigration agent takes him home to an elderly couple -- who lost their son Jacob when he drowned more than 30 years ago. Despite their changed appearance, Jacob recognizes his mother and father. As those closest to the family try to unravel the mystery, the boy claiming to be the former Jacob reveals secrets about his death that no one else ... Read more
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Bellamy awakes alone on the outskirts of Arcadia, unable to remember the past week; powerful Langston matriarch Margaret returns.
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The return of the dead reaches critical mass, sending the town into chaos; Sheriff Fred implements his own agenda, triggering an unexpected siege.
See what's in store for the residents of Arcadia, Mo., in Season 2. "Resurrection" returns Sunday, Sept....