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Perry Mason
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Premiere date:September 21, 1957
Finale Date:May 22, 1966
Description:One of TV's most successful and best-loved dramatic series--not to mention one of the few black-and-white, hour-long series to flourish in syndication well into the 21st century--Perry Mason was the brainchild of lawyer-novelist Erle Stanley Gardner, who introduced the character of defense attorney Perry Mason in 1933. Though not all of Perry's literary appearances involved murder, all were mystery-oriented, and all were built around the premise of a brilliant, methodical lawyer with ... Read more
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A TV producer is charged after an actor is shot during a staged gunfight; guests Erle Stanley Gardner, Dick Clark, Jackie Coogan.
The classic opening title sequence from Perry Mason. From the first episode, "The Case of the Restless...