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Air time:on ABC
Premiere date:October 10, 2012
Description:Rayna James has had a successful country-music career, but lately her popularity has started to fade. Her record label believes the solution is to have her open for up-and-comer Juliette Barnes on tour, but Juliette is a schemer and wants nothing more than to steal Rayna's spotlight. Rayna thinks her real chance is in another young woman, undiscovered songwriter Scarlett O'Connor. While Rayna struggles with her career, her father is busy messing with her private life, encouraging her husband to ... Read more
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"That's Me Without You"
Rayna must choose between two men and two directions her life could take; Juliette auditions for a film role; Scarlett takes a trip home; Will and Layla deal with the fallout from his confession.
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