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McMillan and Wife
Premiere date:September 29, 1971
Description:A longtime television holdout, movie star Rock Hudson made his TV-movie debut in Once Upon a Dead Man, originally telecast by NBC on September 17, 1971. Hudson was cast as Stewart "Mac" McMillan, the wealthy, fashion-plate police commissioner of San Francisco. Helping Mac solve the murder at hand (though not without resistance from Mac) was his highly intelligent young wife Sally, played by Susan Saint James. A Thin Man for the '70s, Once Upon a Dead Man promptly spawned a spin-off TV series, which premiered September 29, 1971, as McMillan and Wife. Added to the cast at this point were Nancy Walker as the McMillan's acerbic housekeeper, Mildred, who was frequently and reluctantly drafted into amateur sleuthing by the indefatigable Sally; and John Schuck as police sergeant Charles Enright, who definitely was not as slow-witted as he looked. During its first season on the air, McMillan and Wife was one of several rotating 90-minute components of The NBC Mystery ... Read more
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Sally's kidnappers demand a Rembrandt, but the official (Cesare Danova) in charge of it won't cooperate.