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Premiere date:July 27, 2010
Finale Date:August 16, 2011
Description:Chef Gordon Ramsay is again joined by restaurateur Joe Bastianich and the country's youngest four-star chef, Graham Elliot, in his search for America's next MasterChef. The judges round up 100 of the best amateur cooks in America and evaluate them on presentation, flavor, originality and creativity. In the end, the chef who has been deemed the most deserving will receive $250,000 and a cookbook publishing deal.
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The two remaining cooks prepare three-course menus; the winner is chosen.
From being turned down in Season 3 to struggling early this year, Luca's come a long way to become...
The judges gather 100 Huntington Beach surfers who are all hungry for fish tacos.
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Tracy Kontos
Jennifer Behm
Max Kramer
Suzy Singh
Alejandra Schrader
Christine Morley
Angel Moore-Soukkay
Derrick Prince
Alvin Schultz
Erryn Cobb
Giuseppe Morisco
Christian Collin