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Air time:on BRAVO
Premiere date:November 07, 2012
Starring:Todd Sawicki ... More
Description:"I can has cheezburger?" That simple, grammatically incorrect question launched an Internet phenomenon known as lolcats, pictures of cats or other animals with funny phrases superimposed on the images. This reality series follows the employees at Cheezburger, which runs (ICHC) and more than 50 similar sites. The staff is led by CEO Ben Huh and includes his wife, Emily, who is the editorial chief for ICHC. Other employees include Will, a cat lover who acts as the company's ... Read more
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Lesbian super-users of the site get engaged online, and Will steps up as wedding planner for a cat-themed ceremony.
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Todd Sawicki
William ``Will'' Sharick
Alison Monda
Ben Huh
Sarah Hiraki
Tori Wadzita
Forest Gibson
Emily Huh
Paul Gude
Alison ``Ali'' Luhrs