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Laverne & Shirley
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Premiere date:January 27, 1976
Finale Date:May 10, 1983
Description:It is not often that the spin-off of a top-rated TV sitcom becomes even more popular than its "parent" program, but that's just what happened with the classic ABC comedy series Laverne & Shirley. Derived from an episode of the same network's blockbuster Happy Days (both series were executive produced by Garry Marshall), Laverne & Shirley premiered January 27,1976, and by the time it ended its first season 15 episodes later, the series ranked number two in the overall ratings. From 1977 through ... Read more
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Laverne & Shirley wraps up its eight-season run with its 178th and final episode, in which Carmine (Eddie Mekka) decides to leave Burbank and seek... Full summary
Laverne comes home to find everyone sleeping in her living room trying to protect her
Laverne can't get out of the anti-gravity space suit as her friends throw her a birthday party