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Kim of Queens
Air time:on LIFE
Premiere date:January 01, 2014
Starring:Kim Gravel
Description:Kim Gravel is not only one of America's most successful pageant coaches, she's also one of the most outspoken. That outspokenness, of course, makes her the perfect subject for a reality show. "Kim of Queens" follows Gravel as she, along with her mother and sister, tries to find diamonds in the rough that she can transform into confident young women who can find success on the pageant scene. A former self-proclaimed "ugly duckling" who was crowned Miss Georgia at the age of 16, Gravel searches for young people whom others might pass over on first glance and whom she can groom to be beauty queens. Her philosophy is that beauty isn't just about what's on the outside but also on the inside. She now uses her experience and engaging personality to provide the young hopefuls with advice she believes can take the girls to the top of the industry.
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"Kiss My Grits!"
Allisyn goes behind Kim's back to bring Marah back to Pageant Place for training; Addison risks being booted; Kim takes on a tomboy with a bow and arrow.
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The new pageant season begins with auditions for fresh talent; two new clients turn up the competition.
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Kim Gravel
Bishop Brad
Colleen Conway Grogan
Eli Lehrer