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Hillbilly Blood: A Hardscrabble Life
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Air time:on 3NET
Premiere date:December 18, 2011
Starring:Eugene Runcus
Description:Eugene Runcus and Spencer Boljack are living a hardscrabble life in Cold Mountain, N.C. This series -- a hillbilly "MacGyver" of sorts -- follows the mountain brothers as they carry on a deep-rooted tradition of their forebears by surviving off what is provided by their rugged Appalachia surroundings. The colorful characters are experts at getting by with little and making do with less, and that means everything from making moonshine to trade for cold medicine, to rigging a homemade pontoon boat ... Read more
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Eugene and Spencer devise a way to beat the heat by creating an air conditioner for Mama Gene's car using wet rags and an old fan.
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Eugene Runcus
Spencer Boljack