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Gossip Girl
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Premiere date:September 19, 2007
Finale Date:December 17, 2012
Description:Based on Alloy Entertainment's book series by Cecily Von Ziegesar, CW's Gossip Girl gave New York's fashionable Upper East Side basically the same slick and sexy treatment as Fox's The O.C. had given California's Orange County. The series focused on a group of terribly wealthy, dazzlingly good-looking young men and women, all attending a high-end prep school. At the outset of the story, the previously unquestioned social supremacy of teenaged rich-bitch Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) was ... Read more
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As the gang joins forces for one more soiree, Gossip Girl's identity is... Full summary
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Latest Recap: The Age of Dissonance

It's been a long and lonely winter without a new "Gossip Girl" to keep warm the cockles of our wicked hearts -- but tonight's the night! It's finally back -- everyone's favorite fictional snobs, snakes, and celebutantes are back tonight. Let's refresh what last we saw on the Upper East Side: Dan Hump-rhey and Serena's ment-whore were hooking up, Chuck was on a hunt to find his mysterious escort dream-girl, and Blair got herself in and out of trouble with Miss Carr, but in the end her acceptance to Yale appeared safe. Read more...

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