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Globe Trekker
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Air time:on TRAVEU
Premiere date:April 06, 2002
Description:This long-running travel series continues to bring viewers to exotic destinations across the world, combining visits to popular tourist spots with a healthy sampling of more flavorful areas off the beaten path. Featuring a rotating cast of youthful presenters, these travelers dine on local delicacies, stay in traditional lodgings and attempt to interact with the residents. After all, it's only by "living as the locals do" that one can get a true understanding of a region and a better ... Read more
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White-handed gibbon in Thailand; orangutan in Borneo and Sumatra; chimpanzee in Tanzania and Zambia; mountain gorilla in Uganda; golden bamboo lemur on Madagascar; black-crowned dwarf marmoset; two rare apes in Africa.
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European World War II sites include the forests of Compiègne, France; the island of Crete, the site of the first major airborne invasion by the... Full summary