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Premiere date:December 16, 1951
Finale Date:April 16, 1970
Description:Just the facts, ma'am. Every week, Sgt. Joe Friday follows the clues, interviews witnesses and spews a lot of crime jargon as he tries to catch one perp or another. For the majority of the show's 1950s run, he was partnered with Officer Smith, but when the show was brought back in 1967, he had Officer Gannon as a partner.
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Friday and Gannon investigate a series of crimes, including two homicides and an armed robbery.
Dragnet is a crime drama about the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe...
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Sgt. [Lt.] Joe Friday
Sgt. Ben Romero
Sgt. Ed Jacobs
Sgt. Frank Smith
Sgt. Bill Gannon
Off. Frank Smith