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Dog the Bounty Hunter
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Premiere date:August 31, 2004
Finale Date:June 23, 2012
Starring:Duane ``Dog'' Chapman, Leland Chapman ... More
Description:A&E's Dog the Bounty Hunter adopted a fascinating docudrama approach for a weekly reality series centered around real-life bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman. Headquartered in the Hawaiian Islands, the series followed Dog and his family (or, as they were known professionally, the staff of Da Kine Bail Bonds) as they relentlessly tracked down fugitives and other missing persons for a price. Although Chapman was tough as nails and grimly uncompromising on the job, he was also shown to be a warm and ... Read more
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Dog contends with problems within his team as he tracks a once-upstanding citizen who has fallen from grace.
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Duane ``Dog'' Chapman
Lyssa Chapman
Duane Lee Chapman Jr.
Marion Akar