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Chef Roblé & Co.
Air time:on BRAVO
Premiere date:December 04, 2011
Starring:Roblé Ali
Description:Chef Roblé Ali has had a talent for cooking since a young age and has cooked for people from rock stars to award-winning actors and even former President Clinton. But nothing could prepare him for the stresses involved with opening his own high-end catering company, in which he must meet the needs of very demanding clients, among them celebrities such as actresses Vanessa Williams and Rachel Dratch. Roblé and his team, including sous chef Adam, create world-class cuisine and put together jaw-dropping events to please their clients.
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The team throws a swimsuit model's birthday party; when Roblé and the crew celebrate with the clients, Artie wonders if he is the odd man out.
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Roblé Ali
Aaron Rothman
Toby Faulkner