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Charles in Charge
Premiere date:October 03, 1984
Description:A tailor-made vehicle for former Happy Days regular Scott Baio, the weekly, half-hour Charles in Charge was one of the few sitcoms to enjoy more success in first-run syndication than it did during its network run. Debuting October 3, 1984 on CBS, the series cast Baio as Charles, a 19-year-old college student living in New Brunswick. In exchange for room and board, Charles agreed to work as a male governess in the home of upscale couple Jill and Stan Pembroke (Julie Cobb, James Widdoes). Our hero's charges were three rambunctious youngsters, ranging in age from 10 to 14: carefree youngest son Jason (Michael Pearlman), wisecracking middle child Douglas (Jonathan Ward), and boy-crazy oldest kid Lila (April Lerman). Occasionally helping Charles ride herd over the children was his best friend Buddy Lembeck, played by Scott Baio's real-life best friend Willie Aames. Also seen during the series' tenure on CBS was Jennifer Runyon as Gwendolyn Pierce, the girl whom Charles ... Read more
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Charles (Scott Baio) is uncomfortable about dating a blind girl (guest star Keely Christian).