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Big Tiny
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Air time:on TLC
Premiere date:August 13, 2012
Starring:Bri Jordan ... More
Description:"Big Tiny" welcomes viewers into the lives of primordial dwarf siblings Bri and Brad Jordan. Bri is 27 inches tall while her brother stands at 38 inches, making them the world's shortest living adult brother and sister, but as the series details, the pair's diminutive stature does not affect their booming self-confidence, unbelievable athleticism and larger-than-life personalities. Bri and Brad -- both in their 20s -- live in Illinois with their mother, Christy, and older sister Brandi, and are ... Read more
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Cirque De Soleil assesses Brad's skills; Brad tries to handle a machine gun at the shooting range; the family takes a helicopter ride.
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Bri Jordan
Brandi Jordan
Christy Jordan