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Big Brother
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Premiere date:July 06, 2000
Finale Date:September 14, 2011
Starring:Julie Chen
Description:Julie Chen returns to host the 13th round of summertime favorite "Big Brother." The tried-and-true formula remains -- strangers come together to live in a house, with eliminations happening each week until only one player remains. This season's houseguests, which will include some of the show's dynamic duos from past years, live in a Venice Beach loft-inspired house featuring a Frank Gehry-inspired bedroom and an eye-catching wall of graffiti.As usual, the winner takes home the $500,000 grand ... Read more
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House guests vie for the power of veto.
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The two new heads of households move into their rooms and nominate two house guests for elimination; battle of the block competition.
Caleb gets jacked up during the Nomination Ceremony and Derrick reveals a secret.
Nicole, concerned about being on the block again, scrambles and talks to Caleb before the nominations.
Rock, Hard Place Meet the ‘Big Brother’ Finale
Maggie wins, but the finale didn't do justice to the fascinating season
Sep 21, 1:13 PM EST
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