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APB With Troy Dunn
Air time:on TNT
Premiere date:January 17, 2014
Starring:Troy Dunn
Description:Investigator Troy Dunn has an impressive track record for locating people, from finding birth parents to finding organ donors. In 1990 Dunn helped his own mother (who was adopted as a baby) locate her biological family, and that single event inspired him and his business partner at the time to build an organization that did one thing: Help people reunite with long-lost friends and family members. "APB With Troy Dunn" documents the work he does, which was previously filmed for WE TV's five-season run of "The Locator." A more modern twist in "APB," however, allows TNT viewers to use a social media app to contribute to Dunn's mission of bringing families and loved ones back together.
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A woman asks Troy to find her father, a war veteran who does not know she exists; Troy helps a woman search for her mother who has been missing for... Full summary
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