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American Dad
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Air time:on FOX
Premiere date:February 06, 2005
Description:Created by Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame, the weekly Fox animated sitcom American Dad! peered into the home life of a dedicated but thickheaded secret agent. Jut-jawed protagonist Stan Smith was a troubleshooter for the CIA who, by his own declaration, would "stop at nothing" to protect his country -- and in proving this he invariably brought down a great deal of pain and embarrassment to his family. In an all too typical example, Stan had a cute habit of shooting first and asking questions ... Read more
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When Francine and Roger find an alien (Kim Kardashian) in the woods, Roger ends up having a fling with her.
Roger's new alien girlfriend thinks they should take the next step in their relationship, but Roger wants...
Francine and Roger stumble upon a crashed spaceship with a fuzzy, pink alien inside.
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