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Alien Surf Girls
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Air time:on TNCK
Premiere date:May 29, 2012
Starring:Kenji Fitzgerald ... More
Description:Zoey and Kiki appear to be the average surfer girls enjoying life on the beaches of Australia. But they're not as average as they appear; the teens are from another galaxy and are stuck in the small town of Lightning Point until they can find a way home. When they befriend Amber, a local teen, Zoey and Kiki ask her to help them remain under cover and keep their secret under wraps. But when other town residents, including UFO nut Luca, start to see aliens and UFOs, it becomes more difficult for ... Read more
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Brandon and Zoey reconnect; Zoey tries to unlock Brandon's childhood memories; Sgt. Mitchell is on the aliens' trail.
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Kenji Fitzgerald
Andrew J. Morley
Paige Houden