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Premiere date:September 21, 1968
Description:The most successful of producer Jack Webb's non-Dragnet TV projects, the weekly, half-hour Adam-12 was a realistic, unadorned look at the "working cop." Each episode dealt with a typical day in the lives of two uniformed policeman, assigned to a patrol car in the teeming streets of Los Angeles. Martin Milner was cast as Officer Pete Malloy, a seasoned veteran who in the first episode was teamed with probationary rookie cop Officer Jim Reed, played by Kent McCord. A few very rocky moments notwithstanding, the relationship between Malloy and Reed was never "superior/inferior" but always on an equal basis, with young Jim benefiting mightily from Pete's casual expertise, and Pete in turn being "humanized" by eager-beaver Jim. It was clearly established that the partners were not supermen or paragons. They were both capable of making serious mistakes and errors of judgment, and both could be emotionally affected by their work despite the hard shell they'd had to build ... Read more
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Malloy returns to duty; Reed considers a desk job.