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Your Mother and I Will Prove ... This Is Your Son!
Nathaniel claims that his ex-girlfriend forged his signature on her son's birth certificate; Shamel's ex says he has been unable to father children for more than 20 years.
There Is a Thief in My Family ... Test Them All!
Eric says his fiancee's son has been stealing from him, but the young man says he is being framed; Lamont blames his daughter whenever something goes missing from his home, but she... Full summary
My Mom Is a Liar ... Which of These 3 Men Is My Father?
Betty grew up believing that Stanley was her dad, but recently two other men have claimed to be her father; Ashley's cheating ways have caused her husband to wonder whether his son is... Full summary
DNA Will Prove My Son Did Not Father Your 5 Kids!
Larryssa's boyfriend continually accuses her of infidelity and denies that he is her children's father; Carrington is so obsessed with the possibility of his wife cheating that he... Full summary
Liars Exposed ... Is My Fiance Cheating With My Best Friend?
Michelle says her fiance is no longer attentive to her or her needs and pays more attention to her best friend; a couple's checkered past makes it difficult for them to trust each... Full summary
Is My 44-Year-Old Husband Having an Affair With a 20-Year-Old?
Tony takes a lie-detector test to prove whether he has violated the terms of his open-marriage agreement; after Jason abandoned his wife, her good friend moved in with her, and Jason... Full summary
Your Husband Needs to Know ... My 4 Kids Are His!
Antonio left his four children's mother for her cousin and now denies being the youngsters' dad; 30-year-old Kristina thinks she has found her biological father.
Trisha's Top 10 April Fools
Trisha's top 10 foolish guests of the season: guests who have been played for fools, made foolish decisions or acted downright foolish on the show.
4 Furious Kids, 1 Dad in Denial. Is He Their Father?
Adult siblings confront the man they think is their biological father, saying he denied and neglected them; Jalisa wonders whether her fiance or his nephew is her daughter's dad.
I'm 20 ... Is My 39-Year-Old Man Cheating On Me?
Lynette thinks her boyfriend is supporting other women; Valchas says he needs to be controlling to maintain his young girlfriend's innocence and denies cheating on her.
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