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Were You Cheating While Our Baby Was in the Hospital?
Nicole moved from Florida to Nebraska to be near her boyfriend's family, then learned he may be cheating on her; Kayla suspects that her boyfriend has been with multiple women while she... Full summary
I'm Back for Another DNA Test ... Is This Man My Dad?
Dontrease and Jonquil say the man they believe is their dad has denied and discarded them as if they were trash; Margaret continues her search for her child's biological father.
You Left Me for a Married Woman ... Stop Denying My Baby!
Rosalind says her baby's father is a philandering opportunist; he and his new girlfriend say she is using the baby to try to win back his love.
Trisha, Stop My Wild Teen From Having a Baby!
A 15-year-old tells of using drugs, including ecstasy, while caring for her infant; a family does not know how to control a violent, promiscuous 16-year-old dropout.
You Cheated! Is My Best Friend the Father of Our 2 Kids?
Keonni's girlfriend's infidelity has him questioning whether he is the father of her two children; Carla insists that her ex-husband is not her 29-year-old daughter's dad.
After the Truth Was Revealed ... Trisha Updates!
Trisha shows what has happened to memorable past guests who sought the truth but got far more than they expected.
28 Years of Rejection ... Will DNA Prove You're My Dad?
Lavett says Shaqueta's age does not add up in order for him to be her father; when Melissa was a teen, she learned that her dad may not be her biological father.
Secrets Revealed ... I've Been Cheating With My Brother's Woman!
Returning guest Precious has a dark secret to reveal to her husband and her brother; insecure Ashley wants her boyfriend to take a polygraph test to prove if he is cheating.
Our Mom Had 19 Kids ... Will DNA Prove You Are Our Dad?
Abandoned by their mother as children, young adults Erica and Jesse find a man who may be their father; when Narasha, 27, met the man she believes is her biological father, he treated... Full summary
Casey's Back ... Does She Still Hate Her Daughters' Black Boyfriends?
Casey spends the day with her daughters' black fiances; Shelly demands that her daughter's boyfriend take a lie-detector test to prove whether he is cheating.
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