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I've Never Met Your Baby ... I Don't Believe That's My Son!
Sandy says a mystery woman contacted her and told her to get checked for an STD; Delisa moved thousands of miles to be with her true love, who abandoned her as soon as she got pregnant.
My Husband Is Not Your Dad ... Take the DNA Test!
Kevin has paid more than $170,000 in child support for a daughter he says he has ironclad proof is not his; 30 years ago, Dion's pregnant girlfriend inexplicably left him without... Full summary
Trisha Uncut ... DNA Will Prove These 4 Kids Aren't Mine!
Three adult sisters and their half-brother confront the man they believe is their biological father.
Bring Back My Sexual Thunder ... Makeovers!
Trisha helps several wives desperate to bring more passion back into their love lives.
Grandmas at War ... I'll Prove That's Not My Grandbaby!
Exes' moms are engaged in warfare over a child; Chris and his girlfriend say his ex is trying to pin another man's baby on him in order to prolong their relationship.
Are You My Brother or My Father? Give Him a DNA Test!
Claude says he is unable to father children, so his ex's newborn cannot be his; Kiarra has noticed her uncanny resemblance to her dad's friend and wants him to take a DNA test;... Full summary
Is My Husband Making Adult Videos With Other Women?
Leland's wife wants him to hit the road if he has been cheating after only a month of marriage; Gerald has reputedly been with more than 400 women, but says he no longer lives like that... Full summary
Tell Your Wife the Truth ... You Are My Baby's Father!
Brittney got pregnant during a four-week fling with a married man; Bianca thinks her boyfriend's ex is using a child to try to get him back.
Was My Husband Cheating When Our Son Almost Died?
Taylor fears that the truth about her husband's secret sex life will be exposed; Ashley's cheating ways cause her husband to question whether he is the father of their son.
I Waited 18 Years to Tell You Both ... I'm Not Your Dad!
After begging his girlfriend to have his child, Jovante ran off as soon as the baby was born; by the age of 18, Veronica and Andrew had three children together, but he doubts paternity... Full summary
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