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She Threatened to Kill Our Baby Because My Fiancee Is White
Tashima is caught on tape threatening to kill her 2-year-old son if his father does not leave his white fiancee; Rachel explains why she is still with the man accused of abusing her... Full summary
Your Baby Is Dead: You Drugged Him
Maggie's relatives accuse her of drugging her 11-month-old son to death; Stacy is angry at her mother for reporting her to Child Protective Services, which found illegal drugs in her... Full summary
Young Mothers: Neglect or Abuse?
Teresa is accused of causing her infant to have a seizure and brain damage; an unwed father says he has heard rumors that his baby's mother abuses and neglects him.
You Were Pregnant, He Abused You ... Does He Deserve the DNA Results?
Alex, who cheated with about 20 women and abused his pregnant girlfriend, wants to know if he is the child's father; Kevin says the woman with whom he cheated is now stalking him and... Full summary
If You Didn't Shake Your Son, Why Did You Confess?
A year ago, Jessica confessed to violently shaking her infant and causing him severe brain injuries, but now she says she never hurt him and the injuries were caused by a sippy cup.
The 1000th Episode!
To celebrate his 1,000th episode, Steve takes a stroll down memory lane: crazy confessions, explosive meltdowns, chair throws, funny moments and heartfelt stories.
You Molested Her: She's My Daughter Now
Latia adamantly believes that Chris is guilty of molesting their daughter, despite the charges having been dropped after two years of battling in court; Keshone says her daughter is... Full summary
4 Suspects: Who Will Fail?
Amber and her boyfriend say they have no idea how her 7-month-old daughter got cigarette burns all over her body, but they suspect Amber's mother, who called police when she found the... Full summary
I Might Be Raising My Brother's Child
Shelby admits to having unprotected sex with both her boyfriend and his older brother around the time she got pregnant; Robert says he was devastated when his ex told him he might not... Full summary
Your Kids Need Their Mom, But You Chose Him
A couple's children are taken away after the six-month-old nearly dies from having a baby wipe lodged in her windpipe; Shawn says his daughter came home with severe bruising on her body... Full summary
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