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2 Babies ... 2 Women at War ... Is Bryan the Dad?
Treanea accuses Jasmine's fiance of fathering her newborn; two women, whose babies were born two months apart, say Bryan is their children's father; Chris says his ex-girlfriend told... Full summary
Explosive Result Reactions ... Shocking Updates!
Maury provides updates to the stories that had guests kicking, screaming, crying and, in some cases, doing back flips.
Did My Son Have a Baby Before He Died? Give Me the Results!
One of three friends may be Tiffany's daughter's dad; Savannah and James return to see if he is the father of another child; Theresa wants DNA proof before she will claim Brittany's... Full summary
Our Wedding Is off if My Fiance Got My Sister Pregnant!
Milton suspects his baby-mama has been having sex with other men and questions the paternity of his children; Shundrayla thinks her fiance has cheated with her sister, who is now... Full summary
Soda Pop Made Me Sterile ... That Baby Can't Be Mine!
Rayshawn's family is on a mission to prove he is not the father of Evelyn's child; Nesha says her baby's father is her sister's ex-boyfriend; a family's future rests on a DNA test... Full summary
You Got Me Pregnant at 17 ... Stop Denying Your Baby!
Keith wants nothing to do with the former honor roll student whose dreams of higher education ended when she became pregnant; Adrianna says she caught her boyfriend kissing one of her... Full summary
Tell Your Man the Truth ... I'm Your Baby's Dad!
India says her ex is claiming to be her child's dad only to strain her relationship with the real father; Daniel's sister convinces him that he is not the father of Brooke's three... Full summary
2 Women Claim My Husband Got Them Pregnant ... Is He Cheating?
Darlene thinks she has good reason to believe that Akeem broke his New Year's resolution to be faithful to her; Michael explains why he disappeared in the middle of the night; Rachel... Full summary
2 Women ... 4 Babies ... None of These Kids Are Mine!
Bobby says it is not possible that he is a father, because he had only a one-night stand with the baby's mother; Leo says two of his exes are delusional and setting him up; Harley and... Full summary
I'm 40 ... There Is No Way I Got This 22-Year-Old Pregnant!
Genna's caring, loving boyfriend changed when she got pregnant; Keith's parents doubt he is the father of his girlfriend's child; family members feud about whether Junior is Destiny's... Full summary
Did My Husband Cheat With My 60-Year-Old Friend?
LaQuinda's boyfriend was still married when they began dating, and has five other baby-mamas, so she fears he is cheating on her; Viola says her husband is a serial cheater and obsessed... Full summary
Don't Run, Forest ... I'm Praying My Baby Is Yours!
Yolanda and Desmond return to the show to test the paternity of her second daughter; Nate is adamant that Kris'stel's child is not his own; a DNA test may devastate Forest and Ashley's... Full summary
I Can't Wait to Prove My Brother Is Not Your Baby's Dad!
Dennis is in the middle of a war between his sister and the woman he loves; Frankie says her two-year mission to find the man she thinks is her child's father came to an end when she... Full summary
I Am 53 ... I'm Too Old to Be Your Baby's Father!
Michael fears he is not the father of Cristeen's son; Leonard denies he is the father of Lamekia's three-month-old son; Josh questions whether he is the father of his fiancee's... Full summary
Pregnant in the 8th Grade ... I'll Prove You're My Baby's Dad!
Kamry wants Charles to take a DNA test to prove he is the father of her child; John claims his ex-girlfriend is pushing her child on him; Marquitta believes that Tavaris is the father... Full summary
After 12 Years ... How Could You Deny Your Twins?
A man is convinced that he is not the father of his girlfriend's twins; Courtney wants to prove to Kevin that he is the father of her special needs son; a man believes he is Shalamaar's... Full summary
20 Women Claim They Slept With My Man ... Is He Cheating?
Toneisha caught her fiance hugging and kissing another woman; Metra says 20 women confronted her and told her they have slept with her boyfriend.
Has My Newlywed Husband Cheated With Over 20 Women?
Latrice thinks her husband is sleeping with some of his co-workers at a fast-food restaurant; Ebony tells of discovering some questionable women's items in her fiance's basement; Betsy... Full summary
I Know You Cheated With My Father ... Is He Our Baby's Dad?
Randy says he has doubts about being father to any of his three children; Katie wants her brother to own up to being Makayla's child's dad; Myisha and her mother want to prove to... Full summary
Stop This 52-Year-Old Woman From Dating Our Son!
Clara and her boyfriend, who is nearly half her age, defend their genuine love for each other; Dre disapproves of his 41-year-old father dating a 21-year-old woman.
My Husband Thinks I Cheat ... I'll Prove These 3 Kids Are His!
Gerard says Jakasha lied about her age in order to get into bed with him, so he does not believe her when she says her baby is his; after learning that his wife cheated with her ex,... Full summary
Is My Man Cheating With Our Lesbian Roommates? Test Him!
Andrea says her man disappears for days at a time and she once caught him leaving another woman's hotel room; Jessica suspects that her boyfriend has a secret sex life; dreams lead... Full summary
Will DNA Prove You're the Father of My Wife's Baby?
James and Savannah return to the show to see whether he is the father of her other child; an online posting could ruin a family's future; Roger says Brittney's son looks nothing like... Full summary
2 Women ... 2 Babies Being Denied ... Is Scout the Father?
Scout says two women are confused and there is no way he could be the father of either of their children; rumors have taken a toll on Antonio's relationship and he wants to know if he... Full summary
Who Will Pay in May? Maury Guest Updates!
Updates on the season's wildest, most unbelievable stories.
I'm Back for a 4th DNA Test ... I Know He's My Baby's Dad!
Three friends take paternity tests for Tiffany's baby; Kayla returns with another potential daddy for her child.
I'm Secretly Dating Your Fiance ... I'll Prove It Today!
Wedding plans could be in peril if Jerry fails a lie-detector test; lack of trust strains Tanya and Cory's relationship.
I Cheated With 16 Men ... Is My Fiance My Baby's Dad?
James' fiancee says her 51-year-old neighbor may have fathered their child; Victoria has no idea who the father of her baby is.
I Slept With 2 Men Named Antonio ... Who Fathered Antonio Jr.?
DeAndre will not own up to being the father of his ex's daughter; Sade wants to know which Antonio is her baby's dad.
Is Your Mom Hiding Your Pregnant Mistress? Test Them!
Jerome denies having a secret fetish for overweight women; John's daughter swears that his cheating fiancee is merely using him for his money; Tiffany thinks her boyfriend's mom is... Full summary
I Am Too Good-Looking to Be That Ugly Baby's Father!
Scout and his sister say Monique's son is too dark-skinned and ugly to be his; Keiarria says twin sisters ended her relationship with their brother and brainwashed him into believing he... Full summary
Is My Fiance Giving Free Haircuts for Sex? Test Him!
Jasmine returns to have her boyfriend, who keeps changing his story, take a lie-detector test; Candace's fiance has confessed to being with several other women; Rolanda's brother tells... Full summary
We Lost 2 Children Already ... Don't Deny Our Miracle Baby!
William says his ex-girlfriend's miracle child does not look like him; John says Ashlee is just trying to trap him with another man's baby.
Stop Pinning Your Baby on My Twin ... He's Not the Dad!
Shamika blames her ex's twin for her ex suddenly, inexplicably denying their child; Tarkisha issues two men DNA tests; Keith loves his girlfriend but has no intention of raising a child... Full summary
Sex and Drugs Are Going to Kill My Teen Girls ... Stop Them!
Four teen girls' behavior, dangerous sexual lifestyles, alcohol and drug use tear their families apart.
2 Women ... 2 Babies ... Is Leonard the Father?
Young Ashley's middle-aged boyfriend denies being her child's dad; Leonard has baby daughters with two fiancees.
Is My Brother Helping My Husband Cheat? Test Them Both!
Terri thinks her rapper husband sleeps with groupies and video vixens; Joshua calls his girlfriend delusional because she says she saw him kissing one of her family members; Kathy fears... Full summary
12 Tests Later ... Is Michael or His Dad My Babies' Father?
After 18-year-old Sonya deferred her college dreams because of pregnancy, the 28-year-old father denies her baby; Kim has tested eight men but still does not know who her two children's... Full summary
I'm 61 ... Is My 28-Year-Old Boyfriend a Cheater?
Jendayi and Elijah return to the show with new issues; young musician Devon denies cheating on his 61-year-old girlfriend with his groupies or her daughter.
I Can't Make a White Baby With Blond Hair ... I'm Not the Dad!
Christian suspects that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with a white man; Wanda says three women are trying to trap her son because they do not know who the real fathers of their... Full summary
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