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The Most Unromantic Results ... Maury Guest Updates!
Maury reveals what happened to memorable past guests after they received their test results and went home.
Your Two Kids Look Mexican ... I Can't Be Their Dad!
Melvin denies his partner's two youngest children; Ally told her sister's husband he is not the father of her sister's children.
Did My Husband Cheat and Get 2 Women Pregnant?
Renee says she found a sexually explicit photo of her boyfriend on her close friend's phone; Tahani fears that her fiance has a secret family.
Pregnant in High School ... I'll Prove You're the Dad!
Chris denies responsibility for his 4-year-old daughter; soon after he moved into his girlfriend's family's home, Michael started cheating and denying his son.
8 Babies Tested ... Which Man Is the Father?
Daniel's sister has convinced him that he is not the father of his partner's three children; Michael's partner used to be a prostitute; Shantia's man thinks he is not her children's... Full summary
The Sex Texts and Test Will Prove You're a Cheater!
Lashunda says she has found women's jewelry, panties and bras in her boyfriend's car; Metra discovered lewd messages on her boyfriend's phone; Chelsea's boyfriend may be hooking up;... Full summary
I've Tested 8 Men ... Is This 51-Year-Old My Baby's Dad?
Darius takes a paternity test; Kim returns to find out who the father of one of her children is; Brittany's boyfriend kicked her out when she became pregnant; a married couple admit to... Full summary
Is the Man I Love Cheating With My Grandmother?
Candy thinks her boyfriend is sleeping with her 65-year-old grandmother; Imani wants to know if her man is cheating again; Kayla found sexually charged photos on her boyfriend's phone;... Full summary
I'm Testing 7 Men ... Are Any of Them My Babies' Dad?
Chorles returns to retake a paternity test; Kim returns in an attempt to zero in on the fathers of her two children; Nesha fears she may be the mother of her sister's boyfriend's child;... Full summary
Is My Dad Cheating on My Mom? Test Him!
Liz tells of finding her fiance in bed with her sister; Kay says she discovered sexually charged photos on her husband's phone; Gretchen fears that her partner is using his job as a... Full summary
I'm Black ... Those 2 White Babies Can't Be Mine!
Andrea's dad wants a paternity test; Amanda's ex denies her two children; Bobby's sister demands that he own up to being a father; Alicia is unsure whether a man she met on the... Full summary
Is the Man I Love Exchanging Pizza for Sex?
Margaret thinks her husband is using his job to garner sexual favors; Viola learned that her husband propositioned her 60-year-old friend; a threesome may ruin a marriage; Brittany... Full summary
Our Sex Was Incomplete ... That Can't Be My Baby!
Sakara says her child's father is her cousin's boyfriend; Shelly feels like a prisoner in her own home; Derrick denies being the father of his fiancee's baby; Kristany's baby's daddy... Full summary
Our Wedding Is in 9 Days ... Is My Fiance a Cheater?
Lie-detector test results determine the fates of two engaged couples; Angela suspects her husband is leading a secret life of sex, drugs and lies; Angel fears that her husband cheated... Full summary
DNA Will Prove These 8 Kids Are Yours!
Eric denies being the father of his wife's two youngest children; Ashley says her fiance's ex is stalking them; Michael's mother says there is no way he could be the father of teen... Full summary
Is My Fiance's Father Helping Him Cheat? Test Him!
Erica thinks her rapper fiance is sleeping with groupies and blames his father; Jasmine thinks her baby's daddy fathered another woman's child; Rhonda's husband has created profiles on... Full summary
Mom, His Wheelchair Is No Excuse ... We'll Prove He's Cheating
LaToyyia regrets proposing to Jermaine, who she thinks is leading a double sex-life; Ashley's husband may be the father of another woman's child; sisters think their stepfather is... Full summary
My Sister's Fiance Is a Cheater and a Thief ... Test Him!
A woman breaks off her engagement over suspicions she's his mistress; a woman believes her fiance stole her engagement ring; a woman tries to prove her fidelity.
I Have 11 Kids ... DNA Will Prove You're the Daddy!
A man claims he is too old to have fathered a child; a man denies being the father of his estranged wife's children; a man's cousin makes him question the paternity of his girlfriend's... Full summary
2 Babies ... 5 Men Tested ... Who's the Dad?
Jimmy conveniently disappeared when his girlfriend gave birth; Kim wants two candidates to take paternity tests for her kids; two women say Thomasina's fiance is the father of their... Full summary
If My Husband Paid for Sex, I Want a Divorce!
Monica returns for the third time to make her husband take a polygraph test; the man Crystal credits with saving her life may be cheating on her; Margarita's husband is regularly... Full summary
I'm 25 ... I'll Prove This 65-Year-Old Fathered My Babies!
Brittney's man denies being the father of her child; Myisha wants to prove Demonta is her baby's dad; Steffanie admits to cheating and wants to be sure her boyfriend is her baby's... Full summary
My Family Betrayed Me on Maury ... Updates
Maury recaps previous episodes filled with sex, lies and alarming stories of family betrayal.
I'm 22 ... I'll Prove This 40-Year-Old Fathered My Baby!
Charles denies he is the father of the baby Kamry had when she was 15; Genna's caring and loving boyfriend changed when she became pregnant; Nicole wants her ex to step up his... Full summary
Is My Fiance Cheating With My Sister and Co-worker?
A pregnant woman fears her boyfriend is cheating on her; a woman turns down her boyfriend's marriage proposals because she thinks he has been cheating; a man is uncertain he is the... Full summary
You Slept With 5 Other Men ... That's Not My Child!
A man demands a DNA test to prove paternity; a woman's past promiscuity causes a man to doubt he is her child's father.
Secrets Revealed ... I Slept With My Sister's Fiance!
A lie detector test may prove a woman's fear that her boyfriend is cheating on her; a woman believes her boyfriend is cheating on her with her sister; a woman wants to get married but... Full summary
DNA Truth ... I'll Prove Those 4 Kids Are Not Mine!
A man demands a DNA test to determine paternity; a woman comes clean about her child's father; a man denies he is the father of his ex-girlfriend's child.
Your Twins Are Not Mine ... I'll Prove It Today!
Marquis' love turned to contempt when his girlfriend got pregnant; two women say the same man is the father of their children; Shalamar may have found her biological father.
Did My Fiance Cheat While I Was Pregnant?
Toneisha thinks her fiance is leading a secret sex life; Jasmine says that she found her fiance in the midst of live sex chat; Sophia says her baby's father went missing for a week;... Full summary
Is My Fiance Having an Affair With My Sister?
Alison found her fiance in a hotel room with condoms, liquor and another woman; Kristin thinks her live-in boyfriend is still having sex with his ex-wife; Tiffany suspects that her man... Full summary
3 Grown Kids, an Angry Dad in Denial ... Is He Their Father?
Greg has denied paternity of Greg Jr., Keyona and Laquana for 20 years; a former teen prostitute says Gideon is the father of her baby; Crystal confronts two people she calls evil.
Betrayed by My Brother ... Is He My Baby's Father?
Lakita denies cheating on the father of her four children; Betsy thinks her husband's brother is helping him to cheat; Livia discovered that her fiance has been exchanging sexually... Full summary
2 Women at War ... Is James the Father of Their Babies?
James' baby-mamas feud; when Vontrese became pregnant, her boyfriend said she was too fat and left her; Tammi says her true love's mother is trying to sabotage their relationship;... Full summary
Did the Man I Love Have a Baby With My Best Friend?
Laquetta fears that her boyfriend has been unfaithful; Chorles and his mother say it is impossible for him to be the father of his ex-wife's child; Virginia confesses to cheating on her... Full summary
If You Cheated With My Daughter ... the Wedding Is Off!
Jackie thinks she must take drastic measures to look like the porn stars her husband fantasizes about; lie-detector results may jeopardize a wedding; Amanda believes that her husband... Full summary
You Cheated With My Dad ... Are Your 3 Kids Mine?
Keith's parents doubt he is Rebecca's child's father; Larry is denying being the father of his namesake; Destiny's family feuds over the paternity of her child; after his relationship... Full summary
Did My Husband Cheat and Get My Cousin Pregnant?
Allison fears that her husband is cheating again; a mother-of-three thinks her husband is leading a secret sex life with numerous women, including one of her relatives, and demands that... Full summary
Your Husband Loves Me ... I'll Prove He Fathered My Baby!
Ikea says her child's father is LaDonna's husband; Shemanica's boyfriend bailed out of their relationship when she got pregnant; Kim returns with two more men who could be her child's... Full summary
Your Babies Are Mexican ... I Can't Be the Dad!
Leo says two mothers are delusional and are setting him up; after Xavier and his girlfriend split up, he started denying their children.
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