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Friendship Fiasco!; Car Custody Triangle
A disabled man sues an erstwhile friend for a mortgage loan and the cost of a vacation; a man demands his personal belongings and the return of car payments from his mom and her... Full summary
Gay Dating Drama; Bicycle Thief?; Fire Pit Problem!
Two men who met on an online dating site fight over loans; after a domestic dispute turns physical, a man sues his ex-girlfriend for rent, bills and a flowered, purple bicycle; a woman... Full summary
Sober-Living Knife Attack?; Table Thief?; Truck or Cash!
A man says his former sober-living roommate had him falsely arrested; a woman sues her ex for the return of a dining-room set; a man must choose between repaying his ex-lover and giving... Full summary
Freak Accident Move Out!; False Arrest and Harassment?; Stepdad's Good Deed Gone...
A family say they had to move out of their home because a car crashed into it; former roommates feud over false arrest, moving expenses, return of property and harassment; a man regrets... Full summary
When Divorcees Fight; Repair Nightmare!; Dog Custody Battle
A woman sues her ex-husband for destroying her home; a man sues a mechanic for crashing his car; a woman keeps her ex-lover's dog as collateral for a loan.
Teenager Steals From Her Mother?; Daycare Drama; Reckless Driving Mishap; Officer...
A woman accuses her daughter of stealing $5,000 in cash from her home; a day care provider says her ex-client never told her that the client's state aid had run out; a motorist backs... Full summary
40th Birthday Party Fiasco; Ex-Lovers' Car Clash; Used Car Hustle?
A party planner sues her former friends for failure to pay; a woman says her ex-boyfriend's car title and registration are in her name; a woman sues a teen for return of money she paid... Full summary
Unwed Parents' Plight or Flight?; Phone or Fist at Fault for Crash?
A young man denies mooning his girlfriend's aunt and throwing rocks at her car; men dispute whether a phone call while driving or a pounded fist on the dash caused a car crash.
Outrageous Landlord?!; Missing Title!; Party Jumper Jacked?
A man sues his former landlord for property damage, theft and harassment; friends call it quits over a car title; party business owners say clients failed to return a party jumper they... Full summary
Deal With the Deceased; Souped-Up Snowmobile Crash!; Who's Lying?
A former in-law sues a grieving man for the unpaid balance on his late brother's four-wheeler; a man who crashed his friend's snowmobile into a tree blames it on the vehicle's owner; a... Full summary
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