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The Case of the Red Riding Boots
As upset as she is over the impending divorce of her parents, Ann Farwell (Elen Willard) is even more upset that her rancher father Burt (John Archer) is keeping company with sexy young Rita Conover (Shirley Ballard). When Rita is murdered, Ann thinks that her mom Jill (Linda Leighton) is the killer, and vice versa. The two ladies spend so much time covering for each other that Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) hardly has time to defend the accused murderer, ranch hand Joe Dixon (Frank Maxwell). This is one of several episodes directed by Laslo Benedek, whose movie credits include the definitive motorcycle-gang epic The Wild One. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
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Saturday, December 10, 1960 on CBS
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The classic opening title sequence from Perry Mason. From the first episode, "The Case of the Restless...