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The Case of the Grumbling Grandfather
Wealthy J.J. Gideon (Otto Kruger) disapproves of the romance between his grandson David (Karl Held) and David's secretary Dorine (Patricia Barry). As it happens, Gideon has good reason to be upset: Dorine is a duplicitous golddigger who swindles David out of $10,000, claiming that she needs it to get her husband Tony out of her life. Pretty soon, Tony is out of his own life as well--and David, who was seen fighting with Tony just before the man's death, is charged with murder. Evidently Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) takes quite a shine to David while preparing his defense; during the series' fifth season, David Gideon would return on a semi-regular basis as Perry's new legal assistant. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
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Saturday, May 27, 1961 on CBS
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The classic opening title sequence from Perry Mason. From the first episode, "The Case of the Restless...