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Kimberly receives the divorce papers that Michael had filed months ago, and despite the fact that they have since reconciled she can't help but feel hurt. In order to soften the blow, Michael asks if she would want to renew their vows by holding a real wedding at the beach house. After Michael follows Kimberly's suggestion of firing Sydney, Sydney shoots back by suing both Michael and Peter for sexual harassment. As a result, Sydney is appointed office manager. Meanwhile, after Peter tells Amanda how the Parezis destroyed his family, the pair schemes to make it appear as if Bobby has been bribing a senator. Later, Richard's new line gets an unexpected lift after Jo accidentally makes off with Jane's sketchpad, and Billy purposefully embarrasses Alison during a pitch with a client. The grudge doesn't last long because Alison and Billy sleep together anyway, and Alan informs Matt that the producer of the show has proposed that the gay actor and his lesbian co-star marry as part of an elaborate publicity stunt. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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Monday, February 19, 1996 on FOX
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The classic opening title sequence from Melrose Place