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Fat, Fat, the Water Rat
Buffy (Anissa Jones) wants to join a club made up of neighborhood youngsters that have an aversion to "fancy" kids. To help Buffy along, Bill (Brian Keith) allows her to dress in ratty old clothes, and--much to the dismay of Mr. French (Sebastian Cabot)--also dons "hobo" duds himself. This gets Bill in dutch with blue-collar worker Tim Callahan, the father of two of the club members, who is offended because he thinks the Davises are making fun of poor folks. Cast as Mr. and Mrs. Callahan are two former child stars,Jackie Coogan (fresh from his "Uncle Fester" duties on The Addams Family) and Marcia Mae Jones. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
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Monday, October 23, 1967 on CBS
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