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©AP / Blake Shelton
© AP / Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton tweets Adam Levine's phone number during 'The Voice'


Adam Levine has threatened revenge after his fellow "Voice" judge Blake Shelton shared his number online during a live broadcast of the show. Shelton teased that he would give out his fellow judge's details during a series of posts on Twitter, but Levine was certain his rival was joking and making empty threats.

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However, the Maroon 5 singer was left stunned when a post on Twitter featuring his contact details was shown onscreen when "The Voice" returned from a commercial break on Monday night, telling Shelton, "Are you kidding me? That is not funny ... Just know that you have it coming because that's not cool at all."

Later in the broadcast Shelton was seen answering Levine's phone, telling the caller, "This is Blake. I'm answering Adam's phone because I actually feel bad that I gave his number out. So, I'm answering the phone now."