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©AP/ Bam Margera
© AP/ Bam Margera
Bam Margera cancels U.S. tour due to hernia


"Jackass" star Bam Margera has axed his upcoming U.S. tour after suffering health issues relating to a hernia.

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The TV prankster had to cancel a show in Finland recently due to an unspecified injury and now he has called off a series of American dates as well.

A message posted on Margera's Facebook page reveals he has been suffering from a hernia, and he aggravated the condition by going "waterfall jumping" during a break from his European tour in Iceland.

The note reads, "A thousand apologies to everyone affected by the USA tour cancellation, we are truly gutted about it. A few months ago Bam got injured while kayaking off a 100 foot waterfall in Oregon and more recently (proving we are experts in the bad decision dept.) we went waterfall jumping during a day off in iceland (sic) and of course Bam re-damaged the same hernia he got in Oregon.

"If anyone has ever had a hernia before you would know that it hurts like f**k to sing. I also realise how ridiculous and over the top these injuries are, but I mean ... it's Bam we are talking about here."