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©AP/ Chris O'Dowd
© AP/ Chris O'Dowd
Chris O'Dowd almost swallows a fly on U.K. TV


Chris O'Dowd had Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig squirming in their seats after almost swallowing a fly on a U.K. TV talk show.

The trio of Hollywood stars halted their joint interview on "The Graham Norton Show" when the insect buzzed past them, with Wiig joking, "That was like a bird!"

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Host Norton carried on with the program, but a moment later he was interrupted when O'Dowd suddenly yelped in horror upon realizing he had nearly ingested the fly, which was floating in his glass of water.

As his disgusted "Bridesmaids" co-star Wiig jumped off the sofa, O'Dowd shrieked, "Oh my God, oh my sweet God! I chewed it. I took a drink and I was like, I didn't realize I had any ice in there!"

He and Wiig started laughing as Carrell then took a napkin from his pocket and placed it over the dead fly.

The interview was broadcast in the U.K. on Friday night.